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Lawn Fertilisation (including Organic options)

The Lawn Guy offers a regular programme of fertilisation to help replace any lost nutrients and develop a strong healthy green sward, build up resistance to diseases and help produce a lush, dark green quality lawn.

The Lawn Guy uses specialist coated fertilisers which help prevent scorch by releasing nutrients over time, scorching is a common problem encountered when applying a feed and weed style fertiliser.  The fertilisers are chosen dependent upon your lawns specific requirements and with seasonality in mind.

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Unlike many other lawn treatment businesses, the Lawn Guy also offers an Organic option for those who are looking at a 'greener' approach to lawn care.  This option does not include the use of herbicides to reduce weeds but looks at a more holistic approach to produce a better looking lawn, including adopting cutting practices, reseeding and top dressing and using organic fertilisers at all times.

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Weed Treatments

Weed treatments (PA1 and PA6 certified)

At the Lawn Guy we apply a selective liquid herbicide spray which is appropriate to the particular weed variety in your lawn and applied at the most effective time of the year. Dependent on the variety of the weed or severity of the weed coverage this may require more than one treatment to control, the Lawn Guy representative will monitor the weed coverage on every visit and treat when applicable (usually within the Spring and Summer treatments)

Moss Treatments

Moss Treatments

Moss is probably the most common complaint we hear from those who love their lawn. Essentially, moss is simply a symptom of a poor lawn and poor conditions, not the cause.

The balance feeding programme that we implement throughout the year will naturally combat and provide an effective control of moss. In addition to this, the autumn treatment is a special treatment that is specifically designed to help seasonal problems such as moss.