Winter Snowdrops January - 'Lawn looking neglected after the winter snap?'

This is the time when there is the least work to do on our lawns, especially if there is snow on the ground!

If temperatures and conditions allow then try and get out in the garden and give the following jobs a try. 
• Aerate the surface using solid tines or an appropriate aerator.

• Brush off leaves, twigs and other debris keeping the lawn drier and reducing the risk of disease.
Winter Leaf Collecting
• Avoid walking on the turf at times when the lawn is very wet or covered in white frost.

• If conditions allow, top the grass with the mower set high to keep things tidy.

You'll see the benefits in the spring!

If you don't have the time or inclination contact the Lawn guy on 07717700314 who will be more than happy to do all these tasks for you!

Spring Frost February - 'Still not had chance to get in the garden to tidy up?'

"Hopefully the temperature will soon start to rise, and we will be more tempted to get ourselves out into the garden!

Resist the temptation to cut the lawn if you can. Only “top” the lawn (mow on a high setting to take the tops off the blades) if no frost is expected within 48 hours and the lawn is completely dry (let's hope this is the case).

• Should worm casts appear, as well as being unsightly, these should be brushed off to avoid creating seedbeds for     unwelcome pests and weed invasion.
Laying Turf
• If frost free, February is a good time for turfing.

• Prepare ground late this month if you intend to sow a lawn from seed in spring.

February is a great month to prepare for the growing season, whether you want a brand new lawn or want the old one 'refurbished' contact the Lawn guy on 07717700314.

Laying Turf March - 'This is the month in milder areas, when the lawn care programme should really kick off'

• Vigorously brush the lawn in different directions using a drag brush or drag mat or do a light scarifying. This helps remove the build up of dead material on the surface or ‘thatch’.

• When mowing never dramatically reduce the height of cut. Remove no more than 20-25% of the green leaf.

• Tidy up the edges around the lawn removing debris and re- cutting a sharp edge with an edging iron. Use a piece of wood for a straight guide and a garden hose for curves or corners, remember to keep the curves shallow as you need Laying Turf
to be able to get a mower around the edges easily

• A light application of turf top dressing can be applied after mowing but ensure that the top soil is brushed well into the sward.

• This is also the time to treat moss with Lawn Sand or similar products. Alternatively you can apply the first spring and summer fertiliser.

Scarifiers can be hired, by why not let the expert do the hard work allowing you to sit back and relax! Call the Lawn Guy on 07717700314 for a free quotation.

Laying Turf April - 'Finally we should be able to increase the frequency of mowing
and gradually lower the height of the cut to the normal summer cutting

• Weed treatments are best applied when the plants are actively growing. Click the 'services' tab to see the options available. • Continue to gradually reduce the mowing height and step up the frequency of mowing from once to twice a week, not forgetting to always remove clippings to prevent the build up of thatch.

Laying Turf

• Rake out areas of thin or worn turf or any damaged areas. Apply a suitable grass seed mix with top dressing or re-turf larger worn areas

• Dig out any patches of coarse grass, then reseed or turf.

• If the lawn is beyond repair April is a great time to completely reseed or returf, with plenty of rainfall and sun to
enable the new turf to bed in.

Call the Lawn Guy on 07717700314 or use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to arrange a free quotation for any of the above services

Laying Turf May - 'Hopefully the April showers will now give way to more sustained warmer periods and the sward will start to thicken and appear lush'

• If there are still worn or bare patches in the lawn it would be beneficial to over-sow with a fine grass mixture now whilst the temperatures are not too high and rainfall levels are sufficient for plant growth.

• Apply the first summer dressing of the year, ideally this will have a high nitrogen content to improve the look and
colour of the lawn without encouraging further unnecessary growth.

Laying Turf

• If there are prolonged periods without rain then the lawn will benefit from a good soaking with a sprinkler, preferably in the evening. • Weeds should be treated with a selective lawn weed killer, weed and feed dressing or lawn sand. For best results try to pick a day when the lawn is dry on the top and damp below and when there is no wind....

...or take the less stressful option by calling in the Lawn Guy on 07717700314, who will be more than happy to help.